Financial Literacy Camp

We all go through recurrent phases of nightmares which are vividly realistic and disturbing, that rattle us from our consciousness now and then. However, in India, the most common Herculean hassle, whether rich or poor, is the hurdle of crossing mighty debts, payments and installments. And in this colossal Indian population, a quarter of them or less, constitute of our very own tempowalas.

This belt of tempowalas often describes their grievances as a lingering, never-ending misfortune. Be it the monthly installments of their vehicles, their children’s educational setback or family financial muddles, it is near to impossible for them calmly jump out of this economical abyss. But at UDAN, a network of tempowalas, provides a platform and an ingenious solution to all their monetary plights.

Financial Literacy Camp at Logisure Jaipur

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