Safety on wheels – Road Safety Camp

A pall of gloom descends on us every time we hear about a road accident out of the enormous number of yearly 1.2 million road tragic accidents globally. And we usually shed our tears off by either cursing our fate or cursing the drivers. We, as a human nature, tend to call our admirable drivers the epicentre of any road trauma! But Why?  Is it their illiteracy, lack of road safety discipline, unexplored road rules that makes us think so? Maybe, Maybe not! Irrespective of any reason, over the past few years tempowalas have been oppressed for their harsh and rash driving in the city. At UDAN, we address this mindset and train our members to follow city traffic rules religiously.

The Traffic Police branch of Jaipur celebrated the road safety week from 23-02-15 to 28-02-15. It was a collective event by citizens of several valuable designations to instill the road safety values.

Mr Banwari lal addressing UDAN members at Logisure's office Continue reading