Safety on wheels – Road Safety Camp

A pall of gloom descends on us every time we hear about a road accident out of the enormous number of yearly 1.2 million road tragic accidents globally. And we usually shed our tears off by either cursing our fate or cursing the drivers. We, as a human nature, tend to call our admirable drivers the epicentre of any road trauma! But Why?  Is it their illiteracy, lack of road safety discipline, unexplored road rules that makes us think so? Maybe, Maybe not! Irrespective of any reason, over the past few years tempowalas have been oppressed for their harsh and rash driving in the city. At UDAN, we address this mindset and train our members to follow city traffic rules religiously.

The Traffic Police branch of Jaipur celebrated the road safety week from 23-02-15 to 28-02-15. It was a collective event by citizens of several valuable designations to instill the road safety values.

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Blood Group Testing Camp for tempowalas

From time immemorial, we have seen a stratification of the society into layers. This has led to the major bifurcation of the famously known sects and sectors in society. However, some of these sects of vast importance have been forgotten and been pushed around to the sides of lonely bushes. One of them is – the class of vehicle drivers.

Imagine a day without any kind of driver. Our lives would just remain stagnant in their absence. Now try visualising a moment where we have eagerly been waiting for a delivery of some home décor and furniture products to furnish our new homes or a shipment of a brand new vehicle from a far-off location. Do we have the slightest patience in bearing the brunt of a shipment delay? No. Obviously not. It’s sad they haven’t been credited enough for their impeccable deeds, but it’s our very own tempowalas who play a major role in ensuring coherent and systematic dispatch of the necessary goods. Their service indirectly elevates the urbanisation of the country.

Blood Group Testing and First Aid Training Camp for tempowalas by UDAN

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UDAN Premier League – Drivers v Helpers

The UDAN Premier League 2014 featured a close cricket contest between Drivers and Helpers. Organised by the drivers and helpers, with moderate assistance from Logisure, the event witnessed enthusiastic participation from the players of both the teams. The players arrived at the ground with great gusto, accompanied by dancing and a dhol performance.

UDAN players of UDAN Permier League

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UDAN Logisure wins national award for Urban Mobility

India just made it to the Mars orbit! But what about our shorter trips closer to home? All of the major Indian cities are facing the daunting task of managing the mobility of its transport (passenger and goods) system. Jaipur itself has been bearing the brunt of increasing congestion in many parts of the city and the situation is only getting worse. Fortunately, now we see a silver lining.

Logisure Solutions wins National award in Urban Mobility Conference 2014 for its Urban Delivery Van Network

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Legal Literacy Camp for Tempowalas

Jaipur was witness to a one of its kind event – Legal Literacy Camp for tempo owners and drivers. The objective of the event was to educate and create awareness amongst goods vehicle owners and drivers about applicable Motor Vehicle Laws and Regulation (Central and Rajasthan State). The event was driven by Neeraj Bhamu, Traffic Magistrate, Jaipur supported by Traffic Police. Mahindra & Mahindra Motors, manufacturer of light commercial vehicles; Azad Foundation, NGO involved in training and promoting women drivers; Logisure, manages Urban Delivery Van Network (UDAN) – the National award winning tempo network joined hands to make this a comprehensive platform for everybody to voice their opinions and views.

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Foundation Day talk on Urban mobility

The Foundation Day talk of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications (IETE) was held on 2nd November 2014. The Chief Guest on the occasion was the esteemed Mr R.D. Arya, who is working as an advisor to TRAI. The event was headed by Mr Gunjan Saxena, the Chairman of the IETE Jaipur centre.

Anirudh Batwara,CTO and Co-Founder, Logisure Solutions was invited for a talk on the Foundation Day of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE).
Anirudh Batwara, CTO and Co-Founder, UDAN Logisure was invited for a talk on the Foundation Day of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE).

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Logilab incubates Jain Tiffin Centre

He started with one tiffin subscription on day one to now more than 120 subscribers. …

The phone calls from various customers, some regular and some new, keep the couples [Vinod and Harshlata Jain] multi-tasking. Few customers drop in at their house, which doubles up as the tiffin centre, to collect their tiffins. Vinodji, greets them and if requested also customises the items in their tiffin according to the demands. Only when the name of each of his regular customer’s name is written on the tiffin is it ready for distribution. Vinodji then gets ready and sets off with the tiffins for it to reach its rightful owner. In the mean while, Harshlataji again cleans the floor and utensils. In about an hour, at around 2 pm, this entire process will be repeated with the same amount of passion and enthusiasm for dinner.

India is full of ‘galli’ entrepreneurs like Vinod and Harshlata Jain, who endures lot of hardships day in day out to maintain the quality of their product. We need business solutions that can help such businesses facilitate their operations and reach out to more people.

… and we are glad that Jain Tiffin Centre is availing our solutions for its business!

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City Mobility – A rising concern in Jaipur

It is said that Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II was a visionary and a mastermind. No wonder he was if he thought of building a city like Jaipur, most unusual among pre-modern Indian cities. As early as 1727, he designed an entire city in the regularity of networks of streets, and thought to divide it into six sectors by broad streets of 111 ft wide. But even he would not have ever imagined that these broad streets would one day have to cater to the ever increasing number of vehicles in Jaipur that is now two million and counting.

Badi Chaupar, Jaipur

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