Financial Literacy Camp

We all go through recurrent phases of nightmares which are vividly realistic and disturbing, that rattle us from our consciousness now and then. However, in India, the most common Herculean hassle, whether rich or poor, is the hurdle of crossing mighty debts, payments and installments. And in this colossal Indian population, a quarter of them or less, constitute of our very own tempowalas.

This belt of tempowalas often describes their grievances as a lingering, never-ending misfortune. Be it the monthly installments of their vehicles, their children’s educational setback or family financial muddles, it is near to impossible for them calmly jump out of this economical abyss. But at UDAN, a network of tempowalas, provides a platform and an ingenious solution to all their monetary plights.

Financial Literacy Camp at Logisure Jaipur

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Blood Group Testing Camp for tempowalas

From time immemorial, we have seen a stratification of the society into layers. This has led to the major bifurcation of the famously known sects and sectors in society. However, some of these sects of vast importance have been forgotten and been pushed around to the sides of lonely bushes. One of them is – the class of vehicle drivers.

Imagine a day without any kind of driver. Our lives would just remain stagnant in their absence. Now try visualising a moment where we have eagerly been waiting for a delivery of some home décor and furniture products to furnish our new homes or a shipment of a brand new vehicle from a far-off location. Do we have the slightest patience in bearing the brunt of a shipment delay? No. Obviously not. It’s sad they haven’t been credited enough for their impeccable deeds, but it’s our very own tempowalas who play a major role in ensuring coherent and systematic dispatch of the necessary goods. Their service indirectly elevates the urbanisation of the country.

Blood Group Testing and First Aid Training Camp for tempowalas by UDAN

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Legal Literacy Camp for Tempowalas

Jaipur was witness to a one of its kind event – Legal Literacy Camp for tempo owners and drivers. The objective of the event was to educate and create awareness amongst goods vehicle owners and drivers about applicable Motor Vehicle Laws and Regulation (Central and Rajasthan State). The event was driven by Neeraj Bhamu, Traffic Magistrate, Jaipur supported by Traffic Police. Mahindra & Mahindra Motors, manufacturer of light commercial vehicles; Azad Foundation, NGO involved in training and promoting women drivers; Logisure, manages Urban Delivery Van Network (UDAN) – the National award winning tempo network joined hands to make this a comprehensive platform for everybody to voice their opinions and views.

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