Financial Literacy Camp

We all go through recurrent phases of nightmares which are vividly realistic and disturbing, that rattle us from our consciousness now and then. However, in India, the most common Herculean hassle, whether rich or poor, is the hurdle of crossing mighty debts, payments and installments. And in this colossal Indian population, a quarter of them or less, constitute of our very own tempowalas.

This belt of tempowalas often describes their grievances as a lingering, never-ending misfortune. Be it the monthly installments of their vehicles, their children’s educational setback or family financial muddles, it is near to impossible for them calmly jump out of this economical abyss. But at UDAN, a network of tempowalas, provides a platform and an ingenious solution to all their monetary plights.

Financial Literacy Camp at Logisure Jaipur

UDAN, which also acts as a communication channel between stakeholders and tempowalas, masterminded this constructive programme and proved to be the most beneficiary of all the workshops. This judicious financial literacy camp was aided by four key stakeholders;

Mr. S.R Jain, a reputable banker presided over the session with an exemplary showcase of financial management aspects. The most emphasized key notes were vehicle finance with Public Sector banks, importance of opening bank accounts, National Pension Schemes and vehicle insurance.

AU Financiers, a non-banking finance and entrepreneurship company of Rajasthan, which has helped in breaking the long spell of economic slowdown by providing requisite loans and other monetary needs. Through this camp they got an opportunity to listen to the grievances of tempowalas. They also educated the participants about the norms in vehicle financing .

India Post, introduced their Sukanya Samriddhi Khata Scheme. This scheme evokes to deposit Rs.1000 per year for their girls upto 12 year with an annual and decent interest. The tempowalas were so captivated and impressed by the proposal, which they bundled up forms for their relatives and neighbours to do the same.

State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBBJ) – Extended their hands to the camp by helping drivers and helpers open their bank accounts. They informed everyone about the formalities that are necessary for the opening up bank accounts.

Stakeholders, also known as the ‘finance lords’, in and around Jaipur, covered the nooks and corners of financial management and real-life fundas.

The event ended on a high note by Logisure announcing insurance scheme. This scheme is entrusted by Logisure to ensure an insurance policy to all the tempowalas at the company.

By far, this has been the most intriguing programme ever, where all the tempowalas displayed their train of thoughts and spontaneously contributed to the deep-set discussion on finance.

Our tempowalas desire to achieve an economic stability. We see a massive rural exodus willing to exploit themselves just for the betterment of a social and monetary status. Our tempowalas go through the same and to alleviate their condition, we need a humanitarian network to guide them. UDAN serves to be one such network with a supporting backbone of Logisure, providing many more sacred services to the Indian society.

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