UDAN Logisure wins national award for Urban Mobility

India just made it to the Mars orbit! But what about our shorter trips closer to home? All of the major Indian cities are facing the daunting task of managing the mobility of its transport (passenger and goods) system. Jaipur itself has been bearing the brunt of increasing congestion in many parts of the city and the situation is only getting worse. Fortunately, now we see a silver lining.

Logisure Solutions wins National award in Urban Mobility Conference 2014 for its Urban Delivery Van Network

In the recently concluded 7th Urban Mobility India (UMI) Conference and Expo, Jaipur won an award of excellence for implementing an Intelligent Transport System called Urban Delivery Van Network (UDAN).

UDAN is selected as India’s Best Emerging and Innovative Initiative in Urban Freight Movement and has been recommended by Government of India to all the states of India to replicate it in their cities.

Logisure a startup based out of Jaipur, conceptualized Urban Delivery Van Network (UDAN) and was awarded by the Minister of State for Urban Development Babul Supriyo for its on ground work in Jaipur city.

Logisure wins national award in Urban Mobility Conference 2014 for Urban Delivery Van Network (UDAN)

UDAN Logisure is an expanding network of tempo [goods vehicle] drivers and helpers in the city. It is a solution to the emerging issues in modern urbanization like increasing traffic congestion, rising pollution levels, asymmetry of information. The concept of UDAN acts as a;

Collaboration Platform – Because of the availability of a network of thoroughly screened and trained local tempo owners and helpers, businesses within a city can manage their delivery/distribution requirements professionally. This collaboration also helps the tempo drivers and owners in stabilizing their income and flow of work.
Communication Channel – UDAN connects all the local stakeholders of the loading sector – Local businesses, Tempo owners and helpers, Market Load Operators, Auto manufacturers, Traffic police, Urban development and authorities, NGO, Education and Training institutes and Citizen. It is a channel where stakeholders come together and talk about issues relating to this sector and how it can help increase city mobility, spread awareness about rules and regulations and share responsibilities.

While managing UDAN in various other cities as well, Logisure aims to serve the greater motive to make each city in India more livable. In turn, making businesses more mobile and accessible.


The Urban Mobility India (UMI) Conference and Expo is an annual event with the overarching theme which runs across all the aspects of urban mobility and is organized by the Institute of Urban Transport (India) under the aegis of the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India. The interactions and discussions of new concepts and case studies around the world will help make the existing cities and emerging Smart Cities smart before we can actually land on the surface of Mars.

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