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Life in India was untroubled and tranquil this 2014. Until Mother Nature decided to curse herself with cruel, multiple cloudbursts and torrential downpours of such magnitude, that she left the banks of River Ganges and Yamuna swollen.  With having ever semi-predictable monsoon patterns in India, this calamitic flood left thousands of Indians devastated in gnawing frustration and gloom.

With destructed beauty of the state Jammu and Kashmir, over innumerable death losses, thousands of homeless and food-less people spread about, the deluge just stung the prevailing happiness of Indians. But even in the darkest of times, emerged a ray of hope so immense called the Rahat Floods by Goonj and Winter On Wheels.

Logisure works with Goonj for jammu and Kashmir floods

Rahat Floods by Goonj is a wonderful human welfare initiative which provides relief materials such as winter clothes, medicines, shelter equipment, and daily ration to resurrect the lives of disaster- tortured victims. This noble cause requires avoiding intermittent service and providing immediate distribution of all the necessities to acquire fast rehabilitation. Logisure –a very intelligent logistics transport system of city Jaipur, has played a major role in making all the activities agile. Logisure specializes in providing immediate delivery solutions along with its backbone network called UDAN – Urban Delivery Van Network, thereby maintaining traffic congestion and pollution levels in the city. It has been a grass-root agency in delivering faster service of relief materials efficiently in association with Goonj, to help flood-victims recover and get them back on their feet, for a better live ahead.

India has had a chain of disasters responsible for brewing up havoc and misery. The entire mankind has evacuated from their own abodes, wandering in search of safer and basic amenities.  And that is when every cloud has a silver lining.  Mr. Akram Feroz, along with several other social activists, gathered to form a nation-wide initiative, Winter On Wheels, to unite travellers for the noble cause of volunteering devotional help to deluge-struck people, by providing them winter material from all around India on a truck.

Winter on Wheels partners with Logisure Solutions

As said earlier, Winter On Wheels travels from city to city on a truck. One of their humble visits included the Pink City, Jaipur. For those who don’t know, Jaipur is one of the busiest cities in India. All its lanes, roads and highways are eternally studded with vehicles and the similar kind, crossing all boundaries of congestion. Heavy trucks and loaded vehicles are stationed outside the city for convenience purposes. The enormity of such laboured-highways temporarily blocked Winter On Wheel’s city initiative of collecting clothes, goods and other amenities from collaborated organizations, campaigns and several centres in the city. Logisure was notified about the obstacle to such a noble cause and rendered its devoted help to reach out to those necessary organizations in the city, to receive, transport and deliver the winter materials back to the Winter On Wheels, whose Main truck was banked outside the city.  Logisure reduced the unnecessary transport of personal vehicles for the same activity, ensuring an easy flow of delivery, thereby allowing Winter On Wheel to concentrate on several of their other happening campaigns in the city.

Many thanks to our logistic partner Logisure for helping us with the logistics to collect material from different collection centres in Jaipur. - Winter On Wheels
Many thanks to our logistic partner Logisure for helping us with the logistics to collect material from different collection centres in Jaipur. – Winter On Wheels

No one can prepare you for a loss; it comes like a swift wind. This calamity has taken our nation into deep sorrows and we have our deepest condolences to the unfortunate ones. As a token of affection, Logisure has been in full-support to recondition the state of the ones in loss. It has sure served a generous service to noble causes with a methodical and time-saving approach. We shall see to it that ever and again, we shall stand for and look forward to any form of modest volunteering for the betterment of the society.

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