Foundation Day talk on Urban mobility

The Foundation Day talk of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications (IETE) was held on 2nd November 2014. The Chief Guest on the occasion was the esteemed Mr R.D. Arya, who is working as an advisor to TRAI. The event was headed by Mr Gunjan Saxena, the Chairman of the IETE Jaipur centre.

Anirudh Batwara,CTO and Co-Founder, Logisure Solutions was invited for a talk on the Foundation Day of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE).
Anirudh Batwara, CTO and Co-Founder, UDAN Logisure was invited for a talk on the Foundation Day of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE).

Before the event began, the students had displayed various projects, highlighting their unbounded enthusiasm.

The Foundation Day featured a crisp talk on Urban Mobility by the Guest Speaker Mr Anirudh Batwara, the CTO and co-founder of UDAN Logisure. Having come from an engineering background, he could connect easily with the students.

Anirudh stressed on the importance of freight movement as a part of city mobility. When people talk about improving mobility in a city, it’s about mobility of passengers and not goods, which is conveniently ignored, even though both are inter-related. While planning and structuring a city, both movement of freight and people must be considered, the entrepreneur said.

The CTO went on to detail the importance of creating a model where all the modes of transport in a city are seamlessly integrated. He observed that technology plays a critical role in this model for both connectivity in the different means of transport and transaction of money. He also mentioned that having a single payment window for the entire journey was vital.

Anirudh noted that mobility in cities of the developing world, unlike education or housing, is a peculiar challenge because its complexity keeps increasing. He predicted that urban mobility will determine the quality of life along with happiness for billions of people. He urged the students present at the occasion to grab this opportunity to work on solutions for urban mobility.

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