Logilab incubates Jain Tiffin Centre

He started with one tiffin subscription on day one to now more than 120 subscribers. …

The phone calls from various customers, some regular and some new, keep the couples [Vinod and Harshlata Jain] multi-tasking. Few customers drop in at their house, which doubles up as the tiffin centre, to collect their tiffins. Vinodji, greets them and if requested also customises the items in their tiffin according to the demands. Only when the name of each of his regular customer’s name is written on the tiffin is it ready for distribution. Vinodji then gets ready and sets off with the tiffins for it to reach its rightful owner. In the mean while, Harshlataji again cleans the floor and utensils. In about an hour, at around 2 pm, this entire process will be repeated with the same amount of passion and enthusiasm for dinner.

India is full of ‘galli’ entrepreneurs like Vinod and Harshlata Jain, who endures lot of hardships day in day out to maintain the quality of their product. We need business solutions that can help such businesses facilitate their operations and reach out to more people.

… and we are glad that Jain Tiffin Centre is availing our solutions for its business!

There are galli entrepreneurs in every Indian city and more so in Jaipur city. One of the features of Jaipur is that it is strongly driven by close community networks. Through Logilab, the incubator of Logisure for galli entrepreneurs, we are facilitating communities to interact with each other and help create a network of all things.
It took us some time to catch hold of Vinod Jain just to have a chat with him. We asked him, if the cooking got completed by around 9 am everyday what kept him busy the rest of the time? Why couldn’t he find a breather to interact with anyone? He immediately pointing towards his cycle. It took him more than 2-3 hours, he said, to deliver 100+ tiffins within the range of 5 kms from the centre. Add to that the tiredness of having cycled 50 kms daily. If only, he could speed up his deliveries could he space out time for anything else. We passed on the good news to Vinod ji that we could help him with exactly that and pointed towards one of our tempo.


Majority of the entrepreneurs suffer from the alignment that Jain Tiffin Centre did. Even though the product that they offer is of good quality its reach gets restricted because the owner is busy performing tasks that are not his core competence. Prior to availing our operational solutions, Vinod ji could never think of expanding his business. He missed out on many opportunities to interact with clients that required his services. Any entrepreneur would get frustrated with stagnation and so did Vinod Jain. Now, however, the Logisure tempo does door to door deliveries of his tiffins in considerably less time, he is able to focus much of his time and energy in exploring new avenues for his business.

Logilab incubates Jain Tiffin Centre

At Logilab, we help businesses focus on its core activity. We provide and implement business solutions to small entrepreneurs who want their products to reach out to new markets and avail the infinite possibilities of being part of an interactive network.


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