‘Milaap’ of the emerging network

Logisure has been working on building a network of tempowalas in Jaipur city. Recently, its efforts got complemented by Mahindra & Mahindra via their ‘Milaap’ program. Milaap is an effort to bring enterprise, market load operators, finance company and Mahindra dealers together on one platform. There was no doubt in the minds of Mahindra that Logisure fits right in and so they invited us to partner in launching Milaap on 18th July, 2014 in Rajasthan.

Mahindra and Mahindra and Logisure Solutions at the launch of Milaap in Rajasthan.

After the presentation of M&M about their vehicles in loading sector, Logisure took over the stage. An audience dominated by the tempowalas immediately connected to the video documentation of the problems faced by Ahktar, their fellow tempo driver, in his day job. It was made absolutely clear upfront to the tempowalas that we have identified their concerns and now offering a pragmatic solutions to it. Vikas Sethia, our multilingual CEO, informed the audience about how the network of tempo drivers and owners supported and facilitated by Logisure can benefit each tempo owner in their city. One could feel a sense of awe in the audience when Vikas narrated certain basic laws from the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 concerning tempo drivers. They felt, had they known this earlier it would have taken care of many issues in their life when it comes to interaction with the traffic authorities. The tempo owners and drivers present in the audience felt cheated having deprived of such information till now. However, ensuring the situation only gets better from here on, Logisure Solutions having being closely involved with the ever growing network of tempowalas in Jaipur introduced two steps they have already started working on (both being the first of its kind in this sector).

Mobile technology – the advent of our mobile technology in loading vehicle sector will bring transparency and efficiency into the sector.

Training Programs – we are in talks with a leading university to come up with a training program for the tempo drivers. This will educate the drivers about the rules and regulations that they ought to know from the day they decide to buy a new tempo to the day they start driving it in the city.
Drivers listening with a keen interest
Drivers listening with a keen interest to Logisure
During one to one interactions with the tempo owners post session, it was clear that they were happy that such a platform was provided to them where they could voice their concerns and opinions. They shared their stories of how everyone in this sector, be it a auto company, financier, traffic police or government, has played a part of Shylock in demanding a pound of fresh from them. Though, times are changing. They realised that the collective power of being in a network will benefit everybody in the sector. While their entire family’s quality of life will improve, the industry as a whole will get better service. In the end, other part of the audience like people from the industry were excited about watching this community getting responsive to concerns that plague the entire sector.
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